Elizabeth K. Steen's Art

Apples in a Bowl

A small water color still life which shows the level of talent that Bessie had. Unfortunately none of these are dated so we don't know when they were executed. This particular piece shows her clear understanding of light, color values and temperature.

This piece was done in chalk and is a monochromatic study.

Farm in Moonlight


Teatime is another watercolor. I love the way she lets the colors in the cozy reflect on the cloth and the apple and teapot also reflect there colors there. It is easy to pick out the source of light in her paintings.


One of the pieces of greatest beauty was this simple pencil drawing of an earthenware jar. For some reason it scanned with colors, but it doesn't detractfrom its simple beauty.

As her art developed she became interested in oriental art and tried her hand at it. This winter scene painted about the size of a bookmark is an early example of this experimentation.

The three little birds on a branch with leaves are a more complete indication of the developing style. This piece was under glass and unfortunately as I photographed it I didn't see my shadow!

You will note that the artists name is in Chinese script. Apparently Bessie learned to write in script from an oriental artist friend.

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