Brazil Refuses to Let Miss Steen Go Hunting

So Former Iowa Woman Will Sail for New York Saturday

Rio De Janeiro (U.P)- Miss Elizabeth Steen of California will leave Saturday for New York because the government refused her request for permission to make another exploration visit in northern Brazil.

Miss Steen, who recently returned from a journey into the Matto Grasso jungles, where some native tribes have never seen a white woman, sought to visit the jungle districts near the Pernambuco and Bahia state borders.

The government refused permission because of recent activity of the notorious bandit, Lampeao (lamp post) in that section, Lampeao, a combination of "Robin Hood" and criminal, who wears big horn-rimmed spectacles, has long been sought by the authorities and armed posses(sic) are now pursuing him.

Miss Steen is a native of Knoxville, Ia


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