April 21, 1886

Bessie Born in Washington County, Iowa


Framily moves to Knoxville, Iowa


Bessie graduates from high School takes a job in Council Bluffs teaching


Teaching School in rural areas around Knoxville including Old English Settlement


Graduates from the Augsburg School of Drawing and is engaged to Frank Grum -- later breaks engagement.


Begins attending and teaching art at Emanuel Missionary College, Berrien Springs MI


Graduates with her B.A. degree - Speaks at graduation on "Ideals"


Teaching Spanish and Art in Pleasantville, Iowa. Begins summer attendance at the Pratt Institute in New York City


Teaching School in Pleasantville, Iowa - High School Spanish and Art


Bessie spends the summer with Bert and May nursing may back to health and building a life-long deep love and respect between the two women.


Begins Teaching High School art at San Jose High School


Spends summer near Santa Fe studying native art and renews acquaintance with Frank Grum and meets Theodora Brown (later to be Theodora Kroeber - who author's Ishi in Two Worlds). Her interest in primitive ornamentation leads to her growing comittment to Anthropology.


Finishes at Columbia and travels to Europe, spending two month in Vienna with Franz Cizek and another month touring the art treasures of Europe. She then journeyed to Brazil to visit her brother, Thomas. She made her first trip to the interior visiting the Pancas in Espirito Santo and the Crenaks in Minas Geraes, and the Botocudo.


Graduates with a Masters Degree from Columbia Teachers College


Brazil refuses request to let her do research in the interior due to bandit Lampeo


Bessie enters University of California at Berkeley ( formally in 1929) taking summer session courses so that she could teach Art at San Jose High school during the school year.


Full time doctoral studies and prepares for her trip to find the Tapirape Indians


Bessie travels down the Araguaya to Bananal and spends eight months with the Caraja. She then presses on up the Tapirape to the village of Tampiitawa. She leaves for Brazil in March and returns to the U.S. on the 1st of January 1931.


Returns with an extensive collection of Tapirape and Caraja artifacts for the University of Pennsylvannia Museum, but due to the deepening depression they are unable to pay for the collection.


Stays at Broadview, Ill with her brother Thomas's family and attends the University of Chicago where she takes classes from Dr. Radcliffe-Brown. She makes money as a lecturer since her funds are frozen in the buildling and loan in San Jose.


On her return to University of California she is stricken with a "heart attack." She never returns to UC Berkeley.


Samotarium at Loma Linda, California


Finally sells her collection of artifacts to George Heye of the Museum of the American Indian and sells her book Red Jungle Boy to Harcourt Brace. She takes the $350.00 from the collection and the $125.00 publisher's advance and heads for Brazil one last time.


Publication by Harcourt Brace of Red Jungle Boy


Dies in the Sanitarium on July 12. She is cremated and her ashes are scattered.

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