Hotel Natal -------Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-----Dec. 31, 1930

My dear little friend;

But I don't suppose you are little any more. Did you say you were teaching school? It doesn't seem possible. You know I appreciated your letter a lot, and you were a dear to think of me all these years. My trip was a success and I am alive to tell the tale, perhaps your good wishes played a part in my safe journey. Again, I thank you.

It was a great adventure. I lost 20 pounds, three toe nails, my appetite for black beans and rice, all fear of jaguars, alligators, Indians (this doesn't mean that there is no danger) and of being alone in the dark; on the other hand, I learned to paddle my own canoe, keep up in the march under burning skies with no water to drink for hours, once for two days, to dodge deadly sting rays when wading in the water pushing the canoes, to shoot wild turkey and duck when we needed food, and a lot of other things, but I reached the tribe.

I made a fine collection of Indian things showing their material culture, obtained a few facts concerning their customs, took photographs and movies of them for they didn't know what it was all about, and barely escaped being kidnapped by the savages. That wasn't so jolly. Altogether I feel that I have had quite enough experiences and adventures for one time and am returning to the States soon, probably Saturday on the Southern Prince. Here is wishing you a Happy New Year, I remain, ever your friend,

Bessie Steen

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