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Animals of the Rain Forest

Mammals of the Rain Forest

Rain Forest Research - the Smithsonian

Kids can help save the Rain Forest

Rain Forests

Toucan Sam's Rain Forest Page

Rain forest pictures for your school reports. Be sure to ask permission.

Take a walk in the rain forest! Pbs is your guide

Rain forest webquest designed for 4th graders

Rainforest Interactive

Amazon River Dolphin Project

All About Rain Forests

Middle School

Passport to Knowledge of the Rain Forest

Science in the Rain Forest - PBS - 1996

Rainforest Facts

Journey into Amazonia

Maize is a product of the rain forest as is Chocolate . Here are two sites about folklore related to these two products.

Amazon Adventure is a deep site created by students to help you explore the Amazon Rain Forest. Especially good information about plants!

You are the lawyer who is charged with saving the rain forest or you are the lawyer seeking to allow logging and the destruction of the rain forest! This site lets you argue in court the rain forest's fate!

A list of sites of groups concerned about the rain forest.

High School

Biodiversity - refers to the vast variety of life on Earth. It is the product of billions of years of evolution, and it makes up the web of life on our planet. Primary documents and current news may be found at Convention on Biological Diversity

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Take a walk in the rain forest! Pbs is your guide

Endangered Animals and Threatened Species are two sites which focus on this issue. Threatened species focuses only on the rain forests of Surinam.

People of the Rainforest another site that is filled with simple information about native people is located here. The Smithsonian's own Museum of the American Indian is another worthwhile site. You can consult with experts here as well.

The Nature Conservancy is one of the most respected of the conservation organizations in the U.S. You will find information here about many environmental issues including the rain forest.

The Rain Forest Action Network - this site is very deep with much information on every aspect of the problem. From people to climate, it is all here! It also offers ways to save what is left of the rain forest.

The Forest Patrol contains information on all the world's forests including the rainforests

Products from the Rain Forest

Rain Forest Facts

Myths of Indigenous People

Amanaka's Amazon Network

University of Texas Indigenous People Site

Explorers of the Amazon

World Wildlife Fund has a lot of information for the searching.

Tropical Plant Database

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